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Soffit & Fascia

fasciarochesterSuperior Roofing offers soffit/fascia for the Rochester area. The soffit/fascia area of your home, the ventilation system for roofs, allows better air circulation and temperature control in the attic.

Some homes are built without the soffit/fascia components in place as they should be. Large icicles dangling from the roof can be one sign that there may be the need for soffit/fascia repair. If we are on your property for a roofing project and we notice the soffit/fascia is nonexistent or needs repair, we offer advice and a free estimate for doing the job right. We ensure every aspect of the roofing system is up to the current standards of function and safety.

If Superior Roofing is on the job for any other reason and we see a soffit/fascia issue that might need to be fixed, we will work with the homeowner to incorporate the cost of the installation or repair in conjunction with the roofing job we are already on site to complete.

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