Natural Beauty Care


Try oil on for a change. Make sure you have the highest quality. Organic, first cold presses, unfiltered, unheated. Oils of this quality are food grade and have lots of antibacterial properties and nutrients in them, just as food should; just that this is now food for your skin. To add a personal touch to them choose 1-3 essential oils to work with your skin type and smell delicious. Want to get more specific? Ask me for a skin consultation!


Did you know that your skin wants to keep its natural oils? Did you know that oils actually cleans your skin? It can take a bit of time to adjust to but to have to most soft, smooth, and supple skin for your face, try a cleansing milk or cream. When you wash it off you may feel like there is an oily layer still on your face. That is because there is! It will help your skin to not age, help keep pollution from absorbing into your skin, and help your face to learn how to naturally regulate the oils it produces leading to less break outs. A great brand to try is Dr. Haushkas and Weleda. Ignore what they say for skin types and give it a shot.


There are so many unnecessary chemicals in the beauty products we use. Many of these chemicals have been banned in other countries but not here in the USA! Try some natural make-up. Any health food store carries at least some. My favorite are mineral make-ups. They looks so natural most people will not know you are wearing any at all. If you want a dramatic effect you can of course make that work too.


Face massage and overall body massage can increase your skins elasticity! Good news cause it is sooo cheap! Also, there are lots of essential oils that you can add to your body oil or lotion to help reduce aging as well as stretch marks.


Dry brushing and self massage are wonders for cellulite. another tip is to drink roasted dandelion root tea to help with extra water retention. An ayurvedic detox called panchakarma can work wonders for extra fat, toxin release, and cellulite reduction. In the end of all of this:..don't think you are the only one. All women, even those super skinny anorexic looking models have cellulite. Relax, your a woman.