How to Find the Right Therapist

Author: Peter Libby

Like finding a good health care provider of any sort, locating a therapist who is right for you may take a few tries and different resources or it may happen through simple word of mouth.

Let me say this about meeting a therapist for the first time. If they give you any gut feeling of discomfort or speak or behave in any way that doesn't make you feel comfortable and at ease with yourself and monistat 1, just leave, read more monistat 1 reviews. Don't waste your time and money.

Asking a friend can be a really good way to locate a massage therapist. It's important to find out, when seeking referrals from friends exactly what they like about their particular therapist. Ask two or three people for names and what they like about their therapist before you settle on one to contact. This will help you clarify with yourself and then the professional you contact, exactly what you are looking for. When you are looking for a therapist, it is helpful to be clear at the outset exactly what you are hoping to gain from massage therapy. Help with injury recover? Relaxation? Greater flexibility? Headache relief?

Some therapists who are in private practice and already have a steady clientele may not be able to see you when you would like to be seen because their schedule may be quite full. If you are confident this person is competent and highly recommended, then it's a good idea to ask him or her whom they would get massage from and contact that other person directly about availability. You can expect that, if you are calling a therapist who has been practicing for some time, you may either have to wait to get on their schedule or else accept a referral to a trusted colleague.

If you respond to an ad you see in a community newsletter or flyer, you may want to ask that person for references. My first therapist in the DC area was a male who practiced in his own home, and some women may have been uncomfortable with that. I found his name in a list of "preferred providers" in my health care insurance directory, which meant I got a small discount because of my insurance status. He was a great person and gave excellent therapeutic massage, along with craniosacral therapy and Thai bodywork. If saving money is a priority for you and you are covered by health insurance, it can be worthwhile to find out if your carrier has a list of providers who can offer you services at a discounted rate because of their relationship with the insurance carrier.

For therapists in the Washington, DC metro area, check out the PMTI Graduate Referral Directory. That directory spans as far north as Delaware and as far south as North Carolina. The PMTI professional clinic schedules sessions with recent graduates of their program, and the costs are far less than what you would pay on the open market.

The Consumers section of the American Massage Therapy Association website offers some valuable consumer tips and information on locating a qualified therapist as well as a national directory. It's safe to assume that the therapists in that list are qualified, but AMTA does no assessments of therapists per se, so they would not be able to make statements about any one professional you consult.

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